Two Way Radios & Taxi Cameras Authorized dealers In NYC 

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NY Taximeters & Safety Equipment is the division of Flatcode Communications in charge of the Taximeter business in NYC. We also have partitions, Roof Lights, Yearly Mile run for your meters, taximeters calibration and certification, taximeter repairs, taximeter sales. We are a TLC licensed Taximeter shop in NYC, certified by Centrodyne, Taxitronics and Pulsar taximeters, worldwide leaders in the taximeters business. At NY Taximeters you will find the options you and your feet were looking for a long time in the City. We are the first licensed public Taxi Meter shop in the Bronx.

Taxi Meters

The “Silent 620″ taximeter is a fully integrated printing taximeter that can be programmed with “EaseLink” Centrodyne’s proprietary firmware for an easy interface with most computerised dispatch systems. As in our Silent 610 model, optional credit card swipe, and GPS are also available. Click Here For More Information






Pulsar 2030R – is the upgraded version of the Pulsar 2030, it is small, “sexy”, with a thermal printer and smart connexion to connect it to a Credit Card Terminal or a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT). Click Here For More Information



Taxi Cameras

Flatcode Communications is an NYC TLC authorized camera installer and is certified to install 4 different cameras in NYC.
• Digital 247 TVS-21
• VerifEye Mark IV
• SW-M1
• EyeWatch A2008

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking technology is a proven business asset. See how Installing a GPS Tracking Device on you Lease, Rental, Personal or Business car will benefit you & your company, our company sales and installs GPS Tracking devices.
Available from 1 year to 3 Year Subscription Plans, 500 Tacks per Device, FREE Account Setup and FREE installation when you buy it from us.

Two Way Radios

Our services include Two Way Radios Repairs, Two Way Radios programming, Installations and Sales, as well as parts and accessories. Here you can find Portables, Mobiles and Trunk Mount Radios of all brands, new or used.

Taxi Meters

We are certify dealers and installers of Centrodyne and Pulsar, two companies worldwide leaders in taximeters business. Aavailable in our store.